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    Punarnavadi Mandoor is an herbal concoction used in Ayurveda. It has antioxidants and other substances that might aid in the treatment of a variety of conditions. It might be helpful in conditions of Anemia, oedema (swelling), spleen disorders, liver diseases, abdominal distention (bloating and swelling in the abdomen), haemorrhoids, and skin problems. This herbal supplement might be particularly useful in treating iron-deficient anaemia. It might help raise haemoglobin levels and increase total iron-binding capacity, alleviating anaemic symptoms. Iron deficiency anaemia is called Pandu rog in Ayurveda. It is brought on by a Pitta dosha imbalance.

    This type of imbalance can also cause symptoms like weakness. Punarnavadi Mandoor might have Pitta balancing properties which might aid in the condition of iron- deficient anaemia is very effective against jaundice, liver enlargement, and other liver disorders. It protects the liver from infection and maintains its proper function. It also improves digestion because of its Deepan (appetizer) and Pachan (digestive) properties.

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