• Gokshur Syrup 150.00

    Gokshura Syrup is a useful preparation for various urinary tract problems. Gokshur Syrup is effective in various urinary tract infections, inflammations of urinary system’s parts (such as the urethra, prostate, urinary bladder) and urinary calculi. While all ingredients of this preparation are diuretics, pashanbhed is well-known for its property of disintegrating urine stones. Complaints like dysuria and anuria and kidney diseases can be treated successfully with this preparation.

    Directions of use:

    5 to 10 ml of Gokshur Syrup is taken twice or thrice daily.

  • Heppa Fort Syrup 150.00

    Hepta Forte Syrup is an ideal formula to check sluggish liver functioning of liver malfunctioning it is the medicine of choice for hepatitis hypertrophy of liver jaundice due to hepatic or gall bladder disorder duspepsia flatulence indigestion loss of appetite and pain in the abdomen.

    Key Benefits:

    • Rich formula to check sluggish liver functioning of liver malfunctioning.
    • Committed to offer high quality & affordable product range
    • Good for liver malfunction
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